About Us

Here are our team of bronze artisans who aim to project and showcase to the outside world, our quite numerous elegant bronze pieces that we produce on a regular basis. We still maintain the age-old Benin Art stylistic traditions in our works, and also try as much as possible to strike a balance between the old and new styles. We are using this medium to try to generate as much recognition and appreciation for these works of our creativity. Being the 'craftmen on the ground' stand us in good stead to provide first-hand information about these bronze artefacts, and to even outsource them, by going to our colleagues (fellow industry men) for bronze pieces that may not be readily available to us. Here, are photos of some of our craftmen, waxing carefully sculpted models; pouring out molten bronze metal into a mold; finishing off the bronze work with a chisel, a file and an angle grinder. Learn More